Candlelight Conversations Volume 8: Kimberly Morgan

On December 17th,  2018 at 10:30 am I was officially diagnosed with young-onset Parkingson’s Disease after many months of searching for answers.  To say that moment has changed my life forever is an understatement. You might wonder how I felt when I heard the words “you have Parkinson’s disease” and the answer is grateful… yep grateful!

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Candlelight Conversations Volume 3: Ariana Frayer

Once I was diagnosed it kind of just became part of my life. It’s a large part of my life and a very important one too, but I wasn’t always proud to show it off. I never liked wearing an insulin pump because it meant I had to wear my diabetes on me at all times. And, although I really enjoyed social media, I never really wanted to post anything about my disease because I was embarrassed or thought people would think I was weird.

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The Birth of Kintsugi Candle Co.

It was because of my desire to help others honor the beauty in their brokenness that my newest endeavor, Kintsugi Candle Co. was born. During my recovery from brain surgery, I started to prioritize self-care like never before. While I’ve always been a self-care advocate, during this time, it wasn’t just something that I practiced because I wanted to, it was something that I literally had to practice in order to survive.

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